Close Call


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Nov 20, 2018
I want to share something with you guys that happened to my brother in Colorado. He drew a muzzleloader tag for the hunt and his gun is an inline that has a plunger action design. He had his muzzleloader hanging on the saddle horn by the sling getting ready to hunt. The action was not locked into the fire position so that the gun wouldn't fire by accident, but it did have a shotgun gun primer in the nipple. The design of the gun doesn't allow you to set the safety with the plunger in this position is what I believe he told me. Somehow while he was standing beside the mule the gun sling came off the saddle horn and the gun fell to the ground landing square on the end of the stock. While the drop wasn't more than a couple of feet at most, the impact was enough to cause the plunger to recess enough that when it returned it cause the muzzleloader to fire. The bullet went between him and the mule traveling past his head. He was lucky that neither him nor the mule were hurt, except his hearing for a few days.

I'm sharing this with you all because we would have never in a million years ever thought anything like this could happen. If you have one of these types of muzzleloaders either cock it a put it on safety or leave the primer off till your ready to hunt.

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