Coastal Roosevelt Elk Hunting


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Feb 29, 2020
Hey all, this will be my first year archery hunting Roosevelt Elk in the coastal forests of Oregon,
this is just a OTC type of tag and the units that are I will be putting in the time are Alsea (18) & Stott Mtn. (17).
Been doing some research on GoHunt and calling the local wildlife biologist in the area to gather
as much current information as I can, but nothing would be complete the picture without
consulting the general public on forums such as this to perhaps get first hand knowledge of such areas
and realistic expectations. This mostly on paper are private units (about 43% and 15% respectively) but
offers good access onto to private timberlands as long as one doesn't mind a hike. The biologist spoke
about good numbers of elk with an average bull-to-cow ratio (12:100), they also mentioned that hunting
timberlands will offer a better opportunity to find elk which seems a given but with few roads to gain access
does anyone know how much pressure these areas actually receive? Even with good numbers of elk are they
best found in small family groups and/or individuals? What might be good feed and/or surrounding habitat that
one could key in on? Do they exhibit general crepuscular movement patterns or are found throughout the day?
How does local weather change said habits? Does prevailing wind play a more critical role than diurnal thermals
for a stalk given the coast range has a more mild climate? When does the rut get into full swing in this area?
With a archery buck deer tag in my pocket as well are they a common sight in elk country?

No one person needs to answer all questions but any information would be great as I don't have many opportunities
to scout this area thorough enough prior to season starting this year. Thanks!

Jason Balazs

Aug 4, 2017
I live in Washington and gave up trying to hunt them. I go home to colorado where they actually bugle and act like elk.


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Oct 10, 2022
In the first place, coastal Roosevelt elk hunting is a difficult task and requires a lot of dedication and training. Elk hunting is accomplished during the rut season. The rut season is the period of time when elk become very active and have a natural urge to mate. During this time of the year, elk are relatively easier to hunt. However, one should not mistake the elk's behaviour during the rutting season for being dumber than usual. A lot of elk hunting injuries occur during the rutting season. A good pair of binoculars allows you to compete more effectively in all kinds of hunting conditions and can make the difference between sighting and missing game. Good binoculars allow you to observe the game more closely, leading to all-important shot placement.

If you are hunting in low-light conditions, you will get a brighter and sharper image, making it easier to spot your prey :

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