distance running for big guys


Dec 28, 2012
signing up for races this year and i'm going back and forth between doing a full or half trail marathon in june.  i always do the half, but have always wanted to do the full.  however, i lift a lot and i'm always around 215 pounds.  and after a half marathon, my knees are pretty banged up.  i was wondering if any other guys in my situation decided to do a full, and if so, how much harder was it on your body?


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Jan 15, 2013
I would do the full slow your pace a little walk the hills I am 195 my long training runs are 5+ hrs a couple 6+ this year working toward 8hr. runs. I hunt wilderness backpack hunts solo. it has worked out great for me so far I had sore knees when I started I learned how stretch my calfs and nomore knee problems might work for you.


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Jan 31, 2013
You never see buff runners (except Cam Hanes, but he's short). You need to decide if you want to BE a runner. It was very uncomfortable for me to run until I got below 200lbs. I was content with my size, so I just lift enough to stay tone. I'm focusing on my cardio this year.


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Jan 29, 2013
I would say its up to you. You are the only one who know what your knees can take. Last thing you want is to complete the marathon and have it be your last one

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