Does anyone want to see fish on here?


Jun 4, 2013
I like deadbaiting for pike in the spring almost as much as elk hunting. I caught this one this spring. My biggest fish. It was 32.5 lbs and 45" long. I tried to release her but she floated back to the surface. I held her on the side of the boat for about 10 minutes and she swam away but I noticed her floating behind me about 45 minutes later. I picked her up an hour later when I left. I caught 8 pike that day and the smallest was 9lb. The rest were between 10-12lbs.


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Nice fish!
We hit the new pond behind the house a week ago. Catfish are growing like crazy, caught a couple 12”. They were 6” in April. Bluegill will be worth keeping next year and the bass are doing great too.