First Archery Buck


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Dec 28, 2012
Was able to harvest my first archery buck this year. Not a monster, but I was happy with him for my first with a bow.

Nice buck for the first.I dont have a pic of my first with a bow but i remember it still it was in 1994 in an app[e orchard.
Got my first with a bow a couple years ago.  Saw one alot bigger about 45 minutes before taking this one , but couldn't get into shooting distance in time.



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Not a monster? My first bow with a bow was a busted up 5 point whitetail in 1995...I wouldn't trade him for the world though.

Congrats on your buck!!
Nice buck. I have been hunting muleys with a bow for many years and only have two decent kills but yet to bag that 170 buck I dream of. Hopefully this year. I have had many close calls in south central Utah on some big bucks.
I chased this buck for nearly a week. Great memories.


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My first buck was a spike, his legality was a little bit questionable.  But I made two great shots on him and wouldn't trade it. Since then I have a 3pt or better rule.  But your but is a great one.