Florida archery buck


Jun 13, 2017
Even to this day it still blows my mind that I can chase rutting bucks in February. 

On Feb 2nd I was able to put down this cool buck on a super fun hunt. 

I was sitting in an area that I had a feeling would be active and it didn?t disappoint me.  The first few hours of the morning I saw bucks cruising around like crazy about 150 yards ahead of my on this little saddle. 
Once it warmed up and the winds started to switch, I snuck over to that saddle to pick a new tree to climb once the winds stabilized. 

No sooner than I marked the spot on my phone I heard a ?crunch crunch? coming up the hill.  I looked over to see a buck heading my way and I didn?t even have to second guess that he was getting shot. 

I froze and every time he was behind a bush I would reposition.  It finally got to the point where he was 30 yards away coming straight for me.  There were two trails he could take.  One less travelled path coming directly at me which would have resulted in a 2 yard quick draw and shot and the other trail (which he ended up taking).  He started cutting left and I was able to draw while he passed behind a bush only 7 yards away! Then he emerged at FOUR YARDS BROADSIDE! I stopped him, shot, and instantly smiled because I knew it was a good hit.







I think if I physically could I would have done a couple of backflips out of excitement.  Not only was the whole encounter super awesome, I walked up on this gnarly of a buck 6 point.

Busted up ears, double throat patch, and a mature 6! Something that I?ve just always dreamed about shooting!

It?s just so cool to see the difference in deer all over the US.  I shot a buck in Kansas this year that was a 4 1/2 to 5 1/2 year old deer who tipped the scales at around 230lbs.  Then here is this 4 1/2 to 5 1/2 year old Florida deer who weighed a whopping 85 lbs field dressed....

Doesn?t matter though, this is why I love bow hunting.  What a cool buck and fun experience! I?ll never forget that day!

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Aug 16, 2017
Congrats again Dan. The pics on here are way better than the phone pics you sent me. I have arrowed a few buck by chance from the ground at less than 10 yards. It is exciting. It is a good thing he chose the other path rather than straight towards you. If he came straight at you I bet you wouldn't have pulled off a shot that close.


Oct 21, 2017
Nice buck, and to think I go down to the redneck riviera for the fishing. May need to rethink that.


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Mar 3, 2014
Notched ears?? Looks like he escaped from a cattle ranch. :mock: Congrats!


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Dec 28, 2012
That's an excellent Florida buck. Congrats on a close encounter harvest. Those ears are probably cut by those 3 lb skitters doing flybys.

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