How'd your season go


Jun 4, 2013
Just curious how peoples seasons went if you were one of the lucky ones who has gone yet. Also if you had posted in the forum that had asked what you thought your chances of filling a tag were.

I posted on that question and I think I said my chances were 75-80%. I still have 3 different seasons to go but I am mostly done with archery for the year and never got a chance to draw the bow. I had a couple cows at slam dunk ranges waiting for a chance at a bull that never materialized. It was a few days before our either sex part of the season was open.

Overall I would say it was a good season but not a great one. I saw several bulls and heard a lot of bugles. Most of the bugles were opening day. Saw 4 mature herd bulls which is 4 more than I have seen the last 2 seasons combined.

The bad things about this season were pretty numerous. Lots of other hunters. The most I have ever seen during archery season. Our best area had 0 elk all season. Only the 2nd time in 30 years that has happened. Our last elk photo on the cameras was the weekend before the season opened. A side by side decided the gates into that area didn't apply to him and he rode all over in there. Maybe a coincidence but the elk left and haven't been back. I've checked it every weekend. I also lost my favorite cow call. Another has been ordered. I also went hiking several times this summer and spring when the weather was nice. Opening day was rainy and that was when I discovered that my binoculars had a broken seal and fogged up completely on the inside. They also had a pretty terrible warranty that ran out years ago. I bought new ones which is a cost I wasn't expecting. Two of our other better areas had heavy logging activity in them. Another had a thinning crew working most of the time. And another had a horse group that rifle hunts in there thinning and opening the trails with chainsaws and weed eaters during the archery season. I appreciate all the work they put into keeping the trails open but wish they did it in May. I would help if I knew who does it and when.

And lastly I don't know if I'm getting old (I'll be 40 this year) but my body has been falling apart. I have an underlying heart condition that flared up a few times while I was out and I don't remember doing anything particular to my right knee but it hurt so bad a few times I couldn't walk. Always while hiking downhill.

I'm still fairly optimistic about my chances of filling this tag. Our Oct rifle hunt has low odds as does the Dec archery portion but if the weather is good our Dec antlerless muzzleloader season can be a good hunt. Or terrible if we don't get snow but with a winter storm warning for this weekend I'm hoping that the snow will come.

I also saw two nice mature whitetail bucks that will hopefully make it through the general elk season when whitetail season is also open. They were together in an area where I deer hunt quite a bit and will go back to looking for them.

For now I am hoping my knee quits acting up because I have to frame a huge roof for the next couple weeks and don't want to sidelined for the rest of my fall hunts. Duck is next for me in about 2 weeks.

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