My wife shocked me today!


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Aug 3, 2017
I was talking to my wife today and she said you want to go back don\'t you. I said heck yes I want to I would go back in a heartbeat. Don\'t help that my cousin texted me my uncle got a 5/5 this morning. She says to me then go :shock: I about fell over when she said that.

I am thinking hard about going back for the last week. I have never hunted that late in the season before so I don\'t know what to really expect. It would be a bare bones light weight trip. It\'s not a for sure thing yet. If I know everything is ok with the family I may do it.

Since I have not hunted that late before what should I really be expecting. Probably be just me hunting solo.


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Aug 7, 2017
atleast I am not the only lucky one with a truly understanding wife :clap: I would take that opportunity in a heartbeat! I cant imagine anything being that much different, other than the rut probably being a bit stronger. and it being a tad colder...


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Mar 2, 2014
fm, i killed my bull on 9/25. i had snow the first two days of the hunt but it melted off for the third and final. i like huntin in snow anyway. i called in two bulls those three days with cow calls and raking. of course know wallows but they still rut and bugle etc. weather will prob be cooler. go get em.

Ol' Arky

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Apr 24, 2014
I hope everything works out for ya and ya get to go back, FM... :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

I really glad things are looking better for ya grandson... :D :D

Jason Balazs

Aug 4, 2017
That\'s the best week ever to hunt. Once you hunt that week, you won\'t want to hunt any other. You will become picky, that\'s for sure.


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Sep 22, 2017
Hey Francis...sorry to here about Liam, prayers for sure.

I was going to head out too Lake Michigan to do some Salmon fishing in a few days but maybe I could be talked into another road trip west :think: if it helps you out and I can work it out on my end...or your more than welcome to join me fishing.

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