Myths in Fitness


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Jul 17, 2015
Squats - Below parallel is bad for your knees
This is false, forces on the knee are reduced at higher degrees of flexion.

Fasted Cardio in the morning
This is also false as studies have shown no fat loss benefit to not eating before cardio.

Research your supplements. Simpler ingredient lists are better. If it has a proprietary blend, it is unknown what the manufacturer has put in there. Alot of protein companies are being sued as a result of fluffing their products. My favorites are De Novo Nutrition (whey isolate and also offers cognition formula, which i am currently using as i write this. no jitters and unbelievable focus) and Core Nutritionals. Each company offers scientifically dosed products and no proprietary blends.

Overtraining - is debatable
Can you over reach? yes but structured programming of your fitness regiment can allow for great adaptations and peaking of performance. Lets say you run hard everyday for 4-5 miles and constantly try to beat your best time. This goes on for months and eventually you hit a wall or normal runs feel sluggish. This would be a case of over reaching and time to back off the volume (amount of work) and keep the frequency of running, maintain intensity, but reduce the distance by about 50%. We use this technique in weight training which is adopted from endurance athletes and allows for supercompensation above our previous plateau.

Low carb diets are best.
No. Not necessarily. You need glucose (carbohydrates broken down) for immediate energy in the glycolosis process. If your diet already consists of low carbs then i would recommend building them up over time (adding small amounts 5-10 g carbs per week) to grow your metabolic adaptation. Your body is unique and not like anyone elses. your diet is unique per your day to day consumption. If i eat 2 bagels a day and some  elk steaks than my body will accustom to that amount of calories. You have to slowly adjust it. A shock like taking away carbs or adding in 2 big macs to your diet sends your system for a loop and its reaction would be to hang on to all its got or release leptin to speed up metabolism (note: the latter is typically what happens).


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Aug 20, 2015
was this written by you or found on the interwebs?  reason I ask is because, while im new to elk hunting, I was a personal trainer, I do work out as a part of my life and live a healthy lifestyle.  Im just curious as to where and how you got your information

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