North versus South slopes.


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Aug 21, 2017
Quick question. I have been to several elk seminars or calling seminars and have read alot of these forums. I usually hear that elk will be bedding on the northern facing slopes because its cooler and thicker. This makes perfect sense to me and i have changed my tactics when scouting and e-scouting (google earth).
However when I hear this it is usually people who are going out for early season hunts (August to September) and this makes sense as elk will want to stay in cool during the day but what about late season hunts when you got snow falling. Will elk be on the South facing slopes???? Essentially to stay warmer?




Jul 10, 2017
Yes, the need to stay cool will not be there when it's cold out. However, elk will still use those areas or areas like that to bed because they provide security and also provide shelter from snow. These areas can be found on slopes facing any direction, but generally north facing slopes have the thickest vegetation.


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Mar 18, 2014
To add to cohunters comment, I look for Douglas fir when I?m looking for elk bedding areas during late seas.  Seems to be the types of trees they like in times of blizzard and crappy weather. But late season hunting usually means no calling so I usually set up near food sources as opposed to sneaking into their bedrooms and hoping to see them before they see me.

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