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Feb 5, 2014
So I started the year with yet another BS new years resolution about getting in shape.  As usual it started off going to the gym strong, but soon faded.  Two months ago I was scouting for bear and felt like I was gonna keel over on the mountain.  I have been in the gym religously 4-6 days a week, running 2-4 miles a day,  lifting weights aggressivley, I'm now down 30# as of fathers day morning, still got 45# to get to my target weight but it is getting easier and easier everyday to make myself get up and go.  Come august 31 I'm hoping to finally be back in shape from nearly 5 years of whitetail hunting back east.  Tested myself the other day and ran from the trail head to the ridge road on west mountain (about 2,000 ft in elevation) and was ready to keep going!  Elk season is going to be the true test!  Good luck everyone and stay safe!


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Aug 20, 2015
The respiratory training masks really only work in strengtheneing the respiratory muscles and get your heart rate up. The only way to imitate lack of oxygen density in your training is to train at that altitude or with a chamber.  A respiratory training mask does not lower oxygen levels, remember you still breathing in air with the same amount of oxygen density.


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Aug 24, 2015
The harder you work the easier it gets.  It's just getting over that initial hump where you feel like progress will never come but once you start seeing results it makes it much easier to stay motivated.

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