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Jul 20, 2021
Hey there!

I'm looking to pick up a few pieces of gear for my late season hunts coming up this fall in Colorado. I've done most of my western hunting over the last few years in September and have run some pretty light layers from First Lite (Corrugate pants, wick baselayers, klamath hoody, uncompraghe puffy); that's really all I've needed.

This year, as I'll be hunting into the frigid days of late November in CO, I've been looking at some colder weather gear. I've heard great things about the Timberline pants from Sitka as a solid option to get through October/November. Any suggestions on a jacket from either Sitka, KUIU, or First Lite (or anyone else I guess) to pair with the Timberline pants and some good base-layers for those cold, snowy hunts?


Jul 10, 2017
The Timberline's are excellent late season pants. If you're looking at Sitka, the Jetstream jacket is fantastic for later season as well. It's not as bulky as many jackets I've used, but it seems to be just as warm. I actually got it in a solid color so I can not only use it while hunting, but during the rest of winter as well. It makes spending that much on a jacket not hurt so bad  :-D

As far as layers go, there are a number of options out there. I've been using Under Armour for years and am still happy with it, but if you go that route you'll want to have multiple sets as they can get stinky, but they wick sweat really well. If you want a base layer you can wear daily that won't stink but doesn't wick as well, look into merino wool.


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Mar 18, 2014
I use axis hybrid from Kuiu.  Very comparable to timberlines.  Also guide jacket with layering.  No matter what outer layers you choose, I would recommend removable  puffy pants and hooded puffy for glassing.  Also mittens over the top.  For these I just went with some knock off Amazon stuff, as long as it fits in the pack.


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Jul 13, 2021
Ive used the Sitka Stormfront jacket to stay warm while glassing or around camp. Cant say enough good things about the jacket. Waterproof as well. It runs a bit small though if you are layering. I paired that with UA cold gear baselayers and the Sitka / First lite puff vest. Works great for layering when on the move.


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Jul 19, 2022
Seconding Sitka Stormfront, probably the best piece of Sitka gear from I've ever got. Just make sure to re-waterproof it every 3-4 month, otherwise it might start leaking on the seems.
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