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Dec 13, 2018
I think I'm looking more for a confidence boost than anything else with this post, but I'll throw it out and see what the resident pros think.
The other day when I was doing all my shooting and NOT tuning (see previous post haha) I noticed, maybe just in my head, that it seemed to take around 7 minutes for my arrow to hit the 40 yard target after it left my bow. At 50, I calculated it to be around 10 minutes from bow to bullseye. 60 yards, I can shoot, walk slowly to the target, and beat the arrows by a half step.
Ok maybe I exaggerated a bit. But it seems SO SLOW! I know I'm going to be slower than most with a 27" draw. My 480 gr arrows aren't exactly built for speed either.  But man, sure seems like game might be jumping the string pretty easy. I chrono'd it yesterday. 265 fps with 125 gr. 262 with 100 grain. That small of a difference surprised me, but I'm glad. I already bought my 6 Strickland 125's. With my bow and arrow set up, it calculates out to almost 75 lbs of kinetic energy.
Am I overthinking? Maybe my plan is just coming together too nicely and I'm looking for things to worry about with the season just around the corner.


Jun 13, 2017
So I used to shoot the Z7 extreme and I'll just offer my experiences based off that because I am not a number cruncher with speed and KE.

My first two elk I killed with my bow @60lbs with 396 gr arrow set ups.
I had a pass through and then another kill (bad shot.... spined)
I was approximately sending those at 265 fps (30" draw)

I then bumped it to 500 gr because I wasn't happy with them being that light.
That year I had a pass through a cow. Chrono'd I was at 245 with those 500 gr.

After that year I wanted a little more speed so I dropped to 440 gr at 260 fps.
That year I had a partial pass through (sticking out the opposite side) but I also went through a rib or two, I can't remember. 

My current set up (new bow) was 460gr at 280fps and I did not have a pass through last year because it stopped on the opposite shoulder.

All this to say based off of my experiences your set up is just fine.
You're right it may not be a speed demon, but it's a solid weight and heavy hitting arrow.
I also like how heavier arrows quiet down bows.

Personally I would say you're in a good zone.


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Aug 8, 2013
In my opinion you're overthinking it.  Since I'm also afflicted with short-draw syndrome, I'm also always tinkering.  I've successfully used FMJs weighing in at 448 grains that shot 249fps, but since they are getting difficult to find, I'm switching to the Axis that comes in at 403 grains and that upped the speed to 264.  Hoping that's a good balance.

As DTP said, you're in a good zone.  Not blazing fast, but a heavy arrow with razor sharp broadhead through the vitals will definitely do the trick.


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Dec 13, 2018
Yeah I think I'm over worrying about speed then. Just going to work on making it as quiet as possible. Love the way its shooting, other than the arc on my longer shots! But hey, a bullseye is a bullseye. Thanks for the reassurance fellas


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Aug 17, 2017
I love overthinking this kind of stuff too! I used to make the same mistake as everyone thinking I needed to get my arrows flying 300+ FPS. Now my arrows weigh 520 grains and I don?t care how fast they fly cause they hit harder, penetrate deeper, and fly better than ever before. 



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Apr 21, 2019
Spine, draw weight, arrow length, broad head weight. I've never chronod my arrows because fps is what it is. I used to shoot 100 gr thunderheads out to 40 yards and always had a pass through. This year I am after black bear so made some arrows and now use 125 gr broadheads. My arrow weight is around 425 with 28.5 arrow length using 400 spine at 57lb draw weight. My bow is rated at 315fps and I have the speed cams (Bowtech). I am resigned to the fact that 40 yards is my max effective range for bear or elk. The way I see it, if I can get to within 60 yards then I can close in to 40. Most of the deer shots have been 20-30. It is only the select few archerers who are skilled enough to make an ethical, clean shot on big game beyond 45 yards with their compound bows. I ain't one of them.  :)

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