the hell? SEPTEMBER?!!


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Aug 6, 2017
you know that saying? "busy like a one-legged man in a butt kicking contest"?

well:  i think that guy is lucky to have one leg.  hahhaha.

sorry i have been MIA from the forum.  been super busy at work.  we have one Resident Engineer in my office.  he runs a construction project for the State of California.  i am a bridge engineer, and i only run the structures within that project.  our Resident Eng, has mental problem -> he's lazy.  he is working on 3 projects.  and doing a crap job at it.  running out of money, and behind schedule.

i got volunteered (voluntold?) to be an RE to help him out.  i hit the projects head on with borderline OCD.  funny thing..i counted on my list.  i have EIGHT PROJECTS!!  keep in mind, i am also the bridge guy in the projects.  so i can honestly say, i am running 16 positions.  SIXTEEN!  the more i get done, the more they give me.  i finally told them no, last week to my 9th project.  fuck that.  elk season is coming!!

i am blessed i drew a dec hunt.  i think the State of CA wouldnt let me go this month.  crap is literally hitting the fan : in the form of the rain season is coming, and i cant get a bunch of designers to make a call.  i am punting and moving ahead..i put them behind the 8-ball.

i have a blank check with OT.  i am trying to keep in "elk-shape" and my bow shooting in "elk shape".  to that end, i am happy elk are huge.  :)

i'll try to sneak off to shoot at some sandhill crane, and lucky my brother is a scouting.

i cant wait for my project to complete.

gotta go!  my phone is ringing...

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