Using a bike for national forest back country hunts


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Jan 2, 2013
I have read different stories of guys using mountain bikes and child carrier trailers to access non motorized national forest land. I have been interested in doing this in the saint joe national forest up around Avery idaho and moon
Pass. Has anyone done this before?


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Jan 2, 2013
Here in western Washington it is very popular.  It is an excellent way to get behind the gates and cover some ground quickly.  I have a small trailer that I will pull, it will carry my treestand, if needed, and it has carried a few blacktail and a few bear, no elk, yet.  As far as the bike goes, I think that you should make a stop at the local shop and talk to them.  I was very overwhelmed, but trusted the advice that I got at a small local shop. 

I did get a scabbard from a place called Montana Scabbards that will attach to a rear rack and can hold a rifle or a bow.  I like this way of carrying my bow, I know that some guys use the ATV type holders on the handle bars.  I got a cheap little 'cargo' cart from Amazon for under $100.  There are some guys down in Oregon making some really nice ones, but they are expensive and typically when I am using the cart spirits are high and poor performance seems to matter less. 

I did spend about $1000 on my bike last year.  That made a big difference in how far I was willing to go.  The new bike has 29" tires and disc brakes and generally rides better.  Before the new bike I was riding an older bike that I sold for $100 on Craigslist.  It still work and was as capable, just heavier and a little out of date.  I have a $25 light that goes on the handle bars for riding in and out. 

It will increase your range and get you away from the crowds and hopefully near the animals.  If there aren't many others doing it in your area, I think that it would be an awesome option.  It will put you in areas that may have required a bivy on foot. 


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Dec 31, 2012
A hard tail 29er is by far the most efficient bike out there. Riding with clip in shoes will also greatly improve your efficiency by allowing you to pull and push with both legs with each stroke. I have pulled a trailer called a bob which is slimmer with a single rear tire for single track. It can hold about 50-60 lbs pretty easy. If you're mainly staying on closed roads. I would use the wider child trailer. They are rated for more weight (100+lbs) and are better balanced.

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