Wolf hunting


New member
Jan 27, 2013
I am new to the forum and I love reading about elk hunting. But first I am serious about going after the wolves.  Who knows what about hunting these predators?  I plan to do some howling and  possibly some cow elk calling with a montana decoy.  I am looking to go up to the caimbridge,  Idaho. 
Go record some hounds treeing, you will have good using this method, it will work.

Heard that howling as a wolf or coyote both work great.  Still hoping to get to try it sometime soon.
A friend was up last year and howled a pack into within 30 yards with just his voice. I was not there unfortunately  but the shooter got scared and missed 3 of them.    By the way they were in a major campground here in idaho they had actually used the bathrooms as a buffer so the wolves wouldnt come up from behind them.