2023 Elk


Jun 4, 2013
I wasn't planning on shooting a spike but my wife has been having some severe back and sciatic nerve pain and it's been pretty hard on her when I'm not around the house so I decided that I would take the first legal elk I had an opportunity at. I hunted about 7 hours one day and heard a bugle but I also ran into another hunter who was in the same area. He was there before me so I went to the back of the mountain while he went after it. The next time I was out I called in this spike. My season lasted a total of 8 hours. This is the smallest elk I have ever shot but I'm expecting it to be the best eating one I've ever had.

My arrow caught him behind the last rib and got some lungs and the heart. It didn't exit. Even with a hole in his heart I didn't find a drop of blood. I followed running tracks right to him. I didn't see my arrow hit but I knew I had hit him because he only ran about 80 yards and I heard him coughing.

I'll try to get out a few more times to call for my family. They have been out a few times and haven't seen or heard a thing yet.


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