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    dplumlee12 reacted to huntingman24's post in the thread My Idaho 2019 Elk Hunting Story with Like Like.
    On Saturday morning my 14 year old nephew and I took off to go hunting at 6 am. We drove up to our scouted out area and parked the car...
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    dplumlee12 left a message on Waycott15's profile.
    Headed to 61 in 2023. Can you share your experience? Maybe some intel? I'll be making a scouting trip in spring but hoping someone...
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    dplumlee12 replied to the thread Let’s talk 2023.
    I got a NR Island Park A tag for 2023. Hunted Sawtooth last year. Like last year, I'll be making a trip up to scout. I have some...
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    cohunter14 replied to the thread 2022 whitetails.
    Awesome bucks, congratulations!
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    I wasn't having a ton of luck with whitetails most of the season. I had been out quite a bit but hadn't seen anything bigger than a...
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    ribo451 replied to the thread Bull elk size.
    I agree. 7x7 and in the 340ish range. Whats big for elk? 400 is huge and not an elk your likely to ever see unless your hunting really...
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    ribo451 replied to the thread Let’s talk 2023.
    No changes for me. OTC deer and elk in Idaho. Possibly buying extra non-resident tags to use as second tags if they are available. (They...
  • cohunter14
    cohunter14 replied to the thread Bull elk size.
    Agree that tine length isn't great, but he's still a great bull. Anything over 300" is usually considered big IMO and I'd say he's...
  • cohunter14
    cohunter14 replied to the thread Let’s talk 2023.
    I have a lot up in the air right now. Need to wait to see how tags are potentially changing in potential units I am looking to hunt...
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    Slink replied to the thread Bull elk size.
    What’s a big score for an elk? Will do if I find em.
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    ILbowhntr replied to the thread Bull elk size.
    I’m seeing a 7x7. None of the points jump out as overly long, he’s not got huge mass. That being said, I’m guessing he’ll gross around...
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    Slink posted the thread Bull elk size in General Elk Hunting.
    Hello, New to the forum. I have a bull elk on a property I hunt for whitetail. Sadly in my area there isn’t an elk hunt. So I am not a...
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    Don’t think it’s too early to be going over 2023 plans. Putting in for a Wyoming General Hail Mary. Buy a point if it fails. Apply for...
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    Have 2 Crossover 821 stabilizers, each has 3-1oz weights. Only difference is brown or black weights. Looking for $85 each or both for...
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    resebo posted the thread Close Call in General Elk Hunting.
    I want to share something with you guys that happened to my brother in Colorado. He drew a muzzleloader tag for the hunt and his gun is...

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