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Aug 13, 2021
Colorado GMU 161
Where did the time go. Anyway, hunted 161 2021 1st. rifle. Backup unit but I need to find another.  4 guys- 0 elk. Granted, 2 new guys and 2 seasoned  but the youngest was 61 to 82.
We found fresh sign opening day but that was it. Hunted west of Big Creek lake to the encampment. Set up camp 4 days before season and drove up to the buffalo trailhead while it was snowing.
I am from Michigan and what do I recognize getting out of the truck at the turnoff. Yep, wolf tracks and not just one. I understand that the front range wants to protect them. Fine, take them all to Denver for
I don't think the Ranchers care much for them dining on beef steaks. In fact I'll drop off a couple from the UP in Boulder on my way through this year.
A couple of the guys could only go in about a mile or so but 2 of us went 4-5 and made a big swing just looking for fresh sign with no luck. Old tracks went every direction so maybe some migrated out, but there is
always some hanging back. Plenty of snow and deep snow over lots of blowdowns, well if you have been there you know what I mean. Its amazing how you find yourself in blowdowns covered with snow and you say to
yourself again, how did this happen as you try to find a way out.
Just one of those years. I do like the country and it usually holds elk somewhere. We just didn't find the somewhere.
We drive by Independence on the way in and as usual it looked pretty busy.
If you want to give this area a try I think you could do worse somewhere else but the normal can be a lot of work. But then again you might be lucky and luck always trumps experience.

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