2 weeks to Spartan race.

Good luck, have fun and be careful. Did one 3 years ago after 2 rounds of Insanity, ended up with shoulder surgery 8 months later.
Unfortunately this is the first year I won't be participating but best of luck!  The Montana Spartan is a great race that has amazing support.  Which race are you doing, sprint or beast?  Training for a 50 mile mountain bike race this year, otherwise I would be there. As long as you've been training and are aware of your surroundings you should be just fine.  I never worried about injuries. 
im doing the foam glow run, a tap run and the all American run over the next couple weeks and then a triathlon  in september.
Spartan race was AWESOME! Had so much fun participating in one of the most grueling physical challenges of my life.  Kind of like back-country elk hunting!  I recommend these races for anyone looking to test their metal.

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