2018 Prime Logic Compared


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Apr 7, 2018
Looking at the latest marketing details of top competitors, I like these features about the new Prime Logic:

  • Grip is near arrow rest (Center Grip?theoretically, makes a lot of sense to design around this)
  • Balanced carry
  • Good overall ATA length
  • One piece riser and solid-axle-fixed limbs
  • Quieter shooter (2nd place, next to Triax at the top of pack)
  • Engineered draw length cams for accurate arrow launch

Looking forward to shooting it.  Relative to the Realm and the RX-1, I'll be paying attention to the hold position at shot acquiring and aiming.  Sound and vibration will also factor.

Triax seems to be the most concerning in regard to carry.  It seems that it needs more stabilized tuning in regard to aiming as well.

Hoyt hold and balance seems to be comparably rated to Logic with its offset stabilizer location. The grip personalization is a plus.

I'm interested in learning more about cam engineering and comparing the Realm's binary cam system to Logic's draw specific cams.  I don't like how Realm has composite limb pockets.  I'm sure they are fine at new, but longevity-potential is concerning. 

Arrow launch accuracy, low vibration, balance, and compact size seem to be Logic's strengths.

Competitors seem to have it beat on speed, but this factor is lower on my preference list. And, 80lbs draw is possible, which I would like to work up to. So long as lbs. force is adequate, I prioritize consistency of arrow launch, durability, carry ability, and vibration. 

Has anyone shot and compared these bows? Which are you liking?

i'll be honest.  that grip position appears to be in the exact same position of all my bows in the history of my life.
i dont get it..or i am missing something.  now if the arrow flew out from between your fingers............:)
@Boom, interesting.  Looking at the Triax, the lower grip position is evident; this is relative to the cam locations. I'd call it aligned below center. 

I think grip position effects the balance in hand while aiming/sighting and also when carrying by strings or grip while walking. 

Being a newbie, I'm trying to learn as much as I can so I can invest for a 10 year plan.  I'm sure we'll have hyper weight nano material that I'll want 10years from now:)