2020 2nd trip for a rifle hunt?


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Jun 15, 2018
This coming year will be my third year heading west for elk.  I was able to fill the freezer this year with a cow in Colorado.  I am planning on heading back to Colorado for archery in 2020 and was wondering which state would be best to come back to for a OTC rifle hunt?  I'm just starting my research and just looking for state suggestions to get me started. 
A lot depends on if you want to hunt bulls on both your archery trip and your rifle trip. If that's the case, you won't be able to do Colorado for both. If you are okay with hunting a cow during one trip, you could do Colorado for both.

Depending on which OTC rifle season you pick, the elk might be in a little bit of a different area than they are in during archery, but it never hurts to hunt the same unit for both hunts. A lot to be said about learning more about the unit by hunting it multiple times during the year!
I think I would prefer a either sex tag in Colorado in archery season.  Just wasn't sure what other states if any have OTC rifle tags.

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