2022 whitetails


Jun 4, 2013
I wasn't having a ton of luck with whitetails most of the season. I had been out quite a bit but hadn't seen anything bigger than a spike and hadn't seen any scrapes or rubs. The rut was starting to kick in and I finally saw a decent 2 1/2 year old 4x4. I probably would have shot him but he saw me too and didn't stick around. A couple days later I saw a pretty good size 2x2 mulie at about 80 yards. I decided to pass on him and he went up the hill above me with 11 does. About 5 minutes later I heard 2 shots from where he went. There was no evidence that the guy that shot drug a deer out of the woods so if he got him he packed him out although there were no crows in the area the next several days either. I went to one of the areas that I had seen a lot of deer sign in and sat from dawn till dark. I did that probably 4 days in a row in this area when the first buck walked out following a doe at 185 yards, 7 minutes before the end of legal shooting light. The picture doesn't do him justice. You can get a better sense of his size in the picture with both bucks. He's almost 17" wide.

I had bought a non-resident whitetail tag to use as a second tag so I kept going. I hunted a couple other spots but wasn't seeing much for tracks in the snow in those areas. I went back to the same spot I shot the first deer in. I got there at dawn and saw where two bucks had fought in the new snow that had fallen since I had shot the other deer a couple days before. I saw a few deer throughout the day. About an hour before dark 3 does came out and the last one kept looking behind her. I got ready to shoot in case she was looking back at a buck and this guy walked out. The does must not have been ready to breed because he didn't really follow them. He walked out and looked at them for a bit and then started feeding in the brush. I was aiming at him but it wasn't a good shot so I waited for him to step out. About 10 minutes later he walked back to look at the does and gave me a clear shot at 75 yards.

The first deer was on Nov. 15th and the second was on Nov. 18th. Shot both with my grandfathers Remington 721 in 300 savage.


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