Adding Weed Eater Trimmer Line to Arrows


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Mar 23, 2017
For those that may want to up their arrow weight without adding more insert weight or buying new arrows, try adding some trimmer line to your arrow shafts.

I made a short tutorial video how I do it.
Ive been using it for years.

This isnt a debate about FOC or spine, just something to try if interested.

This trimmer line was .080 in diameter. 26.6 inches weighs 38grains
This Idea works. I added 70 gr with a .105 line.
It really helps with penetration and quiets down the bow.  :grin:
I tried this method too with some success. I did find it made arrows noisy and if the nock came off you had trim line everywhere. Look into getting the weighted tubes from 3 rivers archery or your local shop. They weigh 5 GPI and cost $1.50 a piece. I?ll never mess with trim line again. Keep one thing in mind, these tubes did stiffen my arrow spine so I also went to a heavier tip. I?m very happy with these results!
fwpreacher said:
what is the purpose of crimping the line?

By putting bends in it so it isn't straight the line rattles less inside the arrow. It is an easy way to add weight and not mess with your FOC.

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