Antelope Blind Question


Jun 7, 2013
I know it's better to set up your blind as far ahead of time as possible, but I have a public land spot for goats where this isn't really possible.  To make matters worse there is zero cover around this water hole to use for brushing the blind in.  Have any of you guys had any success with a same day blind set up for antelope????
Public land...I'd be scared to leave my blind with some of the yahoos running around that might steal it.
Yeah idfishnhunt that was the problem I ran into.  The spot I'm hunting is fairly close to a public road and I know if I left it there it would not last long.
I have the same problem and will not set my blind up in advance. The last 2 years I set my blind up in the morning and by evening antelope would be coming in. Always seems the smaller bucks and does come in just fine but for the big boys I will have to wait a few days in the blind before they will come close enough. I haven't tried it but heard others have had success by putting up a decoy nearby the water.
I just took my daughter out and we set the blind up 15 yards from water with no cover.  The antelope didn't even blink.  They came right in.  Set up before light and you should be just fine!

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