Anyone going to P&Y?


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Mar 8, 2014
Any of you folks going to Phoenix? I wouldn\'t mind meeting some of you to share stories.
You know, it sounds very interesting ... I\'ve got to admit, though, that as a relatively \"intermediate-level\" bowhunter, I be a little intimidated by a gathering like that. Isn\'t it just silver-backs? Sounds like a good chance for a few beers-and-stories, though.

Plus, there\'s no way I would have time, so it\'s not really a possibility, anyway.
See ya there, Lou! We don\'t get in until Thursday night as my wife is on limited vacation with the new job. Very much looking forward to it
Deertick, it\'s a big gathering of bowhunting families of all ages and abilities, drawn together by their support of bowhunting and conservation organizations that P&Y supports financially. Lot of great seminars, speakers, workshops, luncheons and dinners. There is also an awesome display of all the largest animals taken with a bow over the past two years. Great folks supporting a great organization.

At the last convention I sat at a table at one banquet with a family with two teenaged boys just starting out bowhunting. Mom, dad, aunt and uncle and the two boys. They were all blown away by the camaraderie, and those two boys are now dedicated bowhunters. I keep in touch with them.

Every Bowhunter should attend one of these. You\'ll find it that the greatest bowhunters in the world are just regular folks willing to share knowledge and stories.
Brad, it\'s on the P&Y website. I\'m at the doc with the wife but will shoot you a link when I get home. We were going to drive down but plane tickets are so cheap we decided to fly.

I\'ve gone to the last two. Happens every two years. Made so many great connections and new friends, it\'s crazy. I\'m going to start taking advantage of all the hunting opportunities offered by great folks I met. Pretty much everybody who is anybody in the bowhunting world is there, so nobody has an ego. Its a great \"leveling\" event where you might sit at a bar and have world famous hunters on either side, telling stories and offering advice if you ask, inviting you to join THEM for dinner.

This is a wonderful organization that promotes youth hunting, hunting rights, conservation. The records program is one of the fund-raising mechanisms, but not the sole purpose of the club. It really is the only national organization that promotes bowhunting.
Thanks for posting this! I hadn\'t heard of this gathering before but am now strongly considering going...
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Here\'s the link to the convention and seminar/workshop details. They have a special room rate at the hotel if you book under Pope and Young. They also have a golf tournament, tours and shopping stuff. But the three days event is really the attraction.
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For those of you unfamiliar with the club, or who thought it was just for record-keeping, here\'s a link to the conservation, education and outreach programs they fund and sponsor. The list of pro-hunting organizations receiving grants is pretty impressive. They especially emphasize youth bowhunting, and there will be youth hunts donated by outfitters at the convention.
I\'ll be there as you know, Lou. Looking forward to it. This will be my second one and after the first one it will be hard to miss. I\'ll echo what Lou has said it\'s a great time with many \"like\" minded people.

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