Archery Elk Hunting in Idaho


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Mar 26, 2018
I will be hunting the back country of Idaho this year for elk and mule dear. The group of archery hunters I will be hunting with are familiar with the area. I myself have never hunted it. Looks like a dream though! I believe units 42-43 are where we will be heading. Any pointers, tips, or warnings for me?
I think you're already off to a good start with that local knowledge. I'd be asking them for spots now(I bet you already have) on where you'll be camping and areas you'll be hunting. Then you can start E-scouting like crazy and find areas that interest you.

The fact you have people who are already familiar with the area takes off a big burden, so I'd say start working on everything else. Get in shape, get proficient with the weapon, and get all your gear together! You're probably in for a great time!
Yeah this is all fresh to me. I was asked just yesterday if I was interested in going so now I have been scouring forums and reading up on hunting Idaho. I am used to bivy hunting the back country here in the northwest in Mt Adams wilderness. It will be a welcome change to be able to glass the herds several ridges over and hunt out way to the animals. From the stories and pictures from friends and what I see online the area we will be hunting looks pretty vicious so yes cranking up my conditioning will be a definite priority. Lol I have also been shopping for a new pack... thinking kifaru or hybred kifaru/kuiu... haha! I dunno if I should jump in that far but it sure is fun to just look at purdy things.