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Jan 26, 2021
Hey all,

I am going on my first archery elk hunt this upcoming fall and need to upgrade my arrows. I  am shooting at a 30" draw length with 70lb draw. Any recommendations as far as arrows, broadheads (weight), fletchings etc. would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
This is like asking a bunch of cooks how to make the best chili. Each one will have their own recipe.
My suggestion is keeping the rear of shaft as light as possible (Vanes or feathers). At you arrow length and poundage you will need a stiff shaft. The shaft's spine can and will differ depending on how much point weight you shoot.
Broadheads should be super sharp and sturdy in construction.

I shoot 65# and 30" arrow. My arrows are 250 Black Eagle Carnivore with 4 blazer vanes. I have 200 grain Ethics Archery steel inserts and shoot 125 grain Slick Trick Standards. This gives me a total arrow weight of 650 grains. This is a heavy arrow with high FOC.

This arrow also accomplishes the weight that Dr. Ed Ashby considers the bone breaking threshold. He also recommends single bevel broadheads. Troy Fowler that hosts Wray Ranch Fairy on Youtube and has many vids on heavy arrow builds. Watch them and decide if that is the recipe you want.

You may want to go with a lighter arrow and lighter point weights. Plenty of animals are taken with these arrows every year. Just dont go too light looking for high speed and super flat shooting arrows.

For several years I shot a 100 grain brass insert and 125 grain broadhead and had pass throughs and killed elk with it. I went heavier because I like the extra odds of still getting lethal kills "if" hitting heavy bone. Hitting heavy bone is not what you want to do but it can happen. It has happened to me twice using lighter arrows and I got two inches of penetration and no elk.

Hopefully you will get other opinions and options. Lots of info and choices. Good Luck on finding your arrow.

Shoot the setup that?s tunes perfectly out of your bow.
For me with a 29 1/2? draw, 70#, it?s a 27 3/8? 5mm 340 FMJ. Three Blazer vanes, standard insert and a 100 grain VPA vented head.
This has been a deadly combination for me for a few years now.
Good luck with your quest.

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