Arrows for Elk


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Dec 13, 2018
Hey guys looking at getting some new arrows for next season for elk.  I am planning on getting the day six arrows but don't know whether to get 50 GR outserts or 100GR and whether to go with 4 fletch or 3.  My question is is there a way to figure out FOC without actually having the arrow?  Arrows would be the 300 spine at 28.5 inches long. Any advice would help, thanks!
For sure. If you have the arrow specs, just plug them into an arrow calculator and you?ll get a good idea. Just google FOC calculator or arrow calculator and you?ll have a number of options pop up.

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I decided to go from Maxima Reds to FMJs a couple years ago to get more weight.
After looking at the chart, I decided on the 5mm 340. Bought 2 dozen and a dozen of the brass inserts. Time to build. Cut 1 arrow to length, square both ends, fletch with 3 Blazers, installed full brass insert with a drop of fletch tite. Check FOC and paper tune. Wouldn?t tune, remove insert. Snap off insert and repeat.
Long story short, ended up with standard insert and 100 grain head. Weighs in at 490 grain, 9% FOC and flys great with field point Iron Will or ViperTrick.
It takes some time, but you can find your perfect setup.
Anybody need some 5mm brass inserts?