Boots with good arch support?

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Apr 12, 2015
Any recommendations for boots with good arch support to try? I wear whites smoke jumper boots everyday for work and love them, about the only boots I?ve tried that don?t bother my back. I would like to find something a little lighter and water proof for hunting. I have some danner pronghorns, they are comfortable but hurt my back and don?t have very good support. Any flat or low heeled boots with low arch I have tried seem to bother my back. Any suggestions? Thanks
Thank you for the reply, I was actually looking at those. They look like they would have good arch support but was hoping to hear from someone that has tried them. Any heel issues?
none, when I received them last summer, I hiked up the steepest hills I could find for miles (living in Texas so you gotta look for anything), my heels did great.

In their instructions, they actually mention that because of their arch supports, most folks need to wear their boots for a few days to get their feet trained before a big hike. There are even some forums where guys complained that the support was too good and some figured out how to take a tent peg to break it down the inserts a little. I'll admit, it took me a few miles to get used to it but once I did, no problems, so I'm thinking they may be a good option for you to gander. I baby my pair, nicest boots I've owned. Going on my first first elk hunt next year so I invested early thinking I could just wear them deer hunting to get used to things, now, I wouldn't get anything else.
i dont love the insert in ANY boot ive tried.

i have a pair of SuperGreen inserts in every shoe i own.  i use my company Flex spending on them at the end of the fiscal year. 
I have high arches and I use green superfeet also and have them in every shoe I own except my bike shoes and ski boots.  Those have custom molded inserts that are pretty reasonable.  Find a ski shop and talk to one of the sales people.  They will take an insert, heat it up in toaster over looking device, slide the insert into your boot/shoe.  You put your foot in, and the insert will form to the contours of your foot as it cools.

Superfeet does make several different inserts for different uses.
Cabela's | Meindl Men's 400-Gram, comfortable, not to hot in the warmer weather. Last year hunted in 10 degree snowy weather, kept my feet warm n dry.
I've had 5 foot surgeries, 3 back surgeries, and 2 knee surgeries and I second the Cabelas Meindl's, I have had 3 pairs of the the Perfekt and  1 pair of the Perfekt Lite hikers. They do take a little time to break in so that your foot can form the cork insole but once they have the boots are great. They are the only shoes/boots that I can wear without my RX orthodics.
2 pairs of whites, one pair of Nick's and one pair of wescos here.... I'm plagued w/ high arches. After wearing lowa, meindl, kens, etc.... zamberlan with superfeets have been surprisingly good.... for me. I never could warm up to the others and kenetreks shank didnt fit my feet well. Zams feel like they were built using my feet as a template. Fwiw
Been awhile but just wanted to give an update. Finally tried some Kenetrek mountain extremes. They have been great! Good support, less back pain, water proof. They are uninsulated but keep my feet warm in cool temps, something I had trouble with wearing all leather boots. First pair I bought used and are in pretty rough shape now but still keep my feet dry, just bought a new pair. Best boots I?ve owned, thanks for the reply?s and advice. Hope everyone is having a great season!