Broadheads -female archery elk hunter question


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Mar 27, 2018
I would like to change broadheads. Bone is my first choice but I shoot 100g and they only offer 125g as least grain. Need suggestions for 100 grain non mechanical. There are several gimmicky ones out there but I'm not sure how to decide best, strongest, least noisy big game broad head out there! I know most of ya'll shoot heavier grain than a female but I hope to not have to swim through the "fluff" by asking ya'll.


I have used G5 broadheads in the past. Believe Cabelas stocks them too. Should have 100gr available and in my experience they put down animals as good as the rest!

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colorado russ

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Aug 10, 2017
I shoot 100 gr Magnus Stinger 2 blade and work fine in my setup.  Don't have much experience with any others in the past 10+ years.


Jun 13, 2017
I've shot all of my elk with Shuttle T locks. Both 100 and 125 grain.

They recently were bought out so I have no idea if their quality will be the same, so we will see this year. So far I see no difference in flight.

Along with that I have tested Magnus and G5s, both worked well in flight.


Feb 6, 2013
Magnus Stingers or Slick Trick ViperTricks would be hard to beat.  Magnus has an outstanding warranty and CS. Never had an issue with ViperTricks. Take your pick.


Sep 29, 2013
Two blade stingers.  With shorter draw, and lighter draw weight penetration will be your biggest issue.  Stingers are strong, simple, easy to sharpen, fly great, and top notch customer service with an unbeatable lifetime warranty...but again penetration is the difference maker. 


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Apr 1, 2018
Vipertrick seems like a sounds choice if you want replaceable blades if not there are a lot of quality two blade coc heads out there two help with any penetration issues you might have or think you?ll have


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Sep 5, 2016
  I have my wife and son using Muzzy  100 grain Phantoms and I pulled the razor to drop them down to 85 grain. these fly great and have a lot of cut to them. good luck.



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Oct 16, 2018
I?m shooting 100 gr G5 Montec?s. They fly the same as my field points and easy to sharpen up to use again. Have always had great luck with 100 gr Thunderheads too! The G5?s shoot better with my current setup.


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Oct 16, 2018
I?ve been using a 100 gr Thunderhead since the mid 80?s and never had a problem with em. I?m currently using a G5 Montec cause I couldn?t get the Thunderheads to fly well with my current setup and they work great and easy to resharpen!

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