Bugling bulls in July


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May 2, 2017
I finally made it out scouting a new area today. We got to an open clearing on the fringes of a burn and the canyon was lighting up with bugling bulls (at least 3 or 4). I want to say I heard cow talk as well, but can't be certain. I am fairly new to elk hunting, this will be my second year, and I know finding bulls in the summer months means little to nothing come September archery hunt. So, if I play it safe and assume I didn't actually hear cows (as I never laid eyes on them) whats the next move? I plan to go back next weekend and put a trail cam up to make sure. Has anyone else ran into this in the past?
If you were hearing bulls, chances are there were no cows around. I'd keep the spot in mind, but I would probably focus more time on trying to find the cows than I would spending more time in that same area  :upthumb:
Cows can bugle too. Thats probably what you were hearing, along with the cow talk
When you hear "find the cows now so you can find the bulls in September" I think that is great information, but I don't let that steer my fully.

In the past 4 seasons I have scouted year round. Where I found the bulls in the summer, they weren't too far from there in September.

Depending on when you hunt in September (I.E early season) you may still find them in the same spot.  So definitely make note of where you found them because I think the information is definitely relevant.
Where I hunt in NM you may have multiple close canyons with the bulls in one and the cows in the other. Or they can be intermingled.

Figure out what else is out there that's useful in this patterning puzzle. Where is there water, where is there food, etc.

You may find they are bedding in separate areas, but using the same springs, tanks, ponds, etc at some point in their day.

I?d almost bet money you were hearing cow bugles. Especially with intermingled cow talk. The only times I hear cow bugling is when it?s a large herd. So long story short I think you found a big herd. Now the challenge is finding them during the season!
Thanks for the replies guys. I am going to head back up this weekend and see what I can find in the pockets of timber. I'm going to place a trail cam up and see what turns up in a few weeks while I find scout some back up spots.

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