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Sep 27, 2017
I have purchased items from Camofire. It can be a good spot to find a deal or two or even more. If you shop around, it is a great resource. However , I only have one complaint....
They only post positive reviews. I know because a 3 star review I submitted was never posted. My review basically said that you have to be careful as the picture colors do not always represent the actual product and that if you miss a deal, just wait a few days as they repeat items over and over again. 
Why have reviews if you only post the 5 star ones?
Again, I have purchased from them several times, but their review censorship is a red flag.

Has anyone else experienced tbis?
Im not sure why they wouldn't post something like that.
That's definitely something I'd like i'd like to see before I make a purchase. if I see a color in a picture, that is what I am expecting.... unless there is a comment in the product description or a review that says otherwise.
I tend to see what products they have and then do a little more research on it. Most any company tends to censor in some way or another, but yes it is kind of a pain!

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I have purchased several things from them and always found it fine except the last time.
The picture and the description were of a different knife than the one I received. I emailed them and they responded. They changed the description even on the invoice and after two days and another email sent a return label. I mailed it back on last Thursday and am waiting for a refund. Shipping is always a little slow though.
if true; super annoying.  i dont trust reviews that are all skewed to five-stars anyways.

you cant please everyone.  :)
I am done with Camofire. My wife ordered another knife for me when I was up at deer camp. Got a totally different one than the description again. I have made two phone calls now and still waiting for a shipping label to return another one. :dk:
Terrible to hear! I love camofire and I do know that this happens sometimes.  I've seen this in the "fine" print.
I have purchased a few items and likely will again. I did purchase a set of the lights that have a flip switch on them. They were advertised as being a higher luminous than the ones I got. They were still plenty bright and I was happy with them but wasn't what was advertised. I like the company and what they offer.
I have bought a dew things from them. I used to think they were the lowest price, automatically.  But lately, it seems you can still find the items at lower cost elsewhere.  There shipping & CS has been good tho, which sometimes justifies the price.

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I have bought several items from them and have an order coming as we speak but I would not give them 5 stars because their shipping is slow. I agree that if you check the deals and then search the net a lot of times you can find much cheaper prices, especially on clothes.
I've purchased items a few times off Camofire but those were only from items that were on extreme discounts. Most items common items they have listed are not that much of a discount. This discount reflects MSRP and not typically sale prices. I check around and read the reviews off other sites.

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