Choosing elk numbers or less people


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Aug 4, 2019
I'm torn between 2 different unit for Colorado archery 12th-22nd. Last year I hunted 47 and only got into elk 2 days with a near kill opportunity. We saw maybe one other person and they could have been deer hunting. This year I've spent so much time and effort into e scouting 78, and 80. They have 3 times as many hunters but also more elk. I guess I'm curious if anyone has experience with these units and what would you prefer, less people but less elk or more people but way better elk numbers. Feel free to shoot me a text of you would rather do that. Thank yall 270314024i
If you found elk last year, to me I would stick with that. All the e-scouting in the world doesn't guarantee you will find elk. Keep learning the area you've already been to. I would say that regardless of elk and hunter numbers.

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I've never hunted those areas but I have areas here with similar problems and I always choose less elk with fewer people. I would rather chase a herd of 5 elk by myself than 100 with a crowd. 
Hunted 80 a few years ago. A lot of camps and a lot of roads in the areas we hunted. Glassing one basin, saw another group glassing a a couple guys walking the ridge line. Backed out of there pretty quick. Place was overrun when ML season started.

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