Colorado Springs Training


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Feb 5, 2016
Hi everyone, I recently moved to Colorado and am looking for to see if anyone in the Colorado Springs area was doing any training. I bow hunt and rifle hunt so if anyone is looking to do some shooting as well, that's always a plus.

Im in the springs and I can tell you that there are lots of opportunities for training here. Personally I don't do anything formal like a crossfit gym. I try to find days that I don't do normal workouts to go get in the hills. Weights are nice but there is nothing like a 40lb pack and a long steep set of switchbacks. Also, do the inline, a lot!
Too bad I just moved from COS or I'd be interested.

If you've got military access to the AFA or a friend with access, there's what we called the mini-incline on the South side of the academy off Pine drive I think.  There's some of the  housing over by it.  Not nearly as brutal as the incline and few people.  I want to say it's 10 up and down to equal the incline but don't quote me.

There's a new 'park' in Castle Rock off I-25 with stairs and other hiking/workout options if by chance you live further North.
I?m in south Denver, but train down that way typically with another guy or two, I?ll shoot you over a PM

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