Coolers in the truck at trail head?

Lark Bunting

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Sep 14, 2016
Sorry for all the dumb questions but this pack in trip in September will be new to me.

I have several coolers I was going to bring while hunting in the back country this fall. I don\'t have a topper for my truck nor do I plan on getting one. Is it necessary to lock them up at the trail head? I\'d hate to return with an animal only to find myself with no coolers. I don\'t know if my big cooler will fit in the back seat, I guess I could try but I will have a couple other coolers as well and I know I can\'t fit all three of four inside my truck. The extras are in case more than one of us gets an elk; my son will be hunting as well as another buddy.
As much as I\'d like to have faith in my fellow brethren, I hate a thief more than just about anything. I would at least put 1 in the back seat and lock the truck then maybe tarp over the others just as a \'slight\' deterrent. Since I have quiet a few trail cameras, I might even put one out facing the pickup/trailhead although I\'m sure some will say that\'s a little over the top!

Maybe put duct tape on the handles and around latches to make them look trashy? :)

Most likely nothing will happen but knowing I had, or should have, one in the pickup cab is comforting.

You\'ll have a great time!
Does your tailgate lock?

What I have done for a couple seasons and it worked great with no problems. I made my own bed topper out of plywood and use it for hunting season. When painted it looks decent, and keeps everything out of sight and out of mind. Takes 10 min to install and I keep it in shed. Have had it for 3 years so far.

I can see if I have any pictures
Get an eye bolt and drill a hole thru the side of the cooler(s) and use a bike cable to lock then to your truck bed.
Won\'t be pretty but will keep honest people honest

You can always fill the hole with expanding foam later.

Just an idea
are bears a problem?

i have trail heads near me that is a bad idea to put the cooler inside. a bear will go for my food and beer..peel open my truck in the process.