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Jan 2, 2013
Anyone doing any coyote hunting this time of year.  I have not even gotten out yet this winter.  I am planning on going to a couple dog filled honey holes in eastern Washington in about a week.  Any other dog hunters out there.
I have gone several times this year and haven't had great success.  I know that it's a pretty popular thing to do around Las Vegas and I think I need to venture out a few more miles to be successful.  Although i see coyotes on all the golf courses and in town a lot.
Not much for me, yet. Deer season is winding down and yote season kicking in. Should be wacking some yotes this month and next.
Been out here in Idaho, Won 1 contest and been picking up a few on outings.  It finally turn cold and they are hunting more during the day.
Haven't been out yet in Wyoming. Have calling contest this weekend should be start of coyote hunting season for me. Would like to get out more just need to make the time.
Plan to do some here.  There is a $50 bounty out for them statewide so hoping to make some extra cash and some good ole' target practice. :)
I just went out today and hunted them in three feet of snow.  Ended up taking one at 200 yards.  I saw a couple more but they were in someones field so i couldn't take those.
Go out about every other week end. Been a pretty good year so far. Got me a new Ruger 22/250 this year so it has been fun!

Love hunting yotes all year. They are growing in numbers big time here. Infact between them and the bears, deer numbers are down. So I let the Savage Axis 22-250 sing as often as possible.
I keep meaning to go, but haven't. We have them all over around our house area, but I haven't ever hunted them. When is the best time to go out? Or does it matter? Seems like on TV they are out all day long.
I've been hunting coyotes here close to Las Vegas for awhile and I see more of them on the golf courses than I do out in the desert.  Maybe I need to break out a bow!  ;)