Jul 10, 2017
I?ve been shooting quite a bit, as usual, and have been hoping to make it through the fall before replacing the strings on my bow. However, I just noticed this today on my string. The worst spot is up top, but I got a pic of the bottom as well. Will I be okay shooting this through the season, or should I replace them ASAP? My main archery hunt isn?t until the 16th of Sept, so I?ve got some time, but I was hoping to get out a handful of times before then. I really don?t want to replace these now, but I also don?t want the string to snap between now and then or, worse, when I?m on my trip. Thoughts?



It looks like Those wear spots on top and bottom are from your string stops on the cams.
Sometimes there is a bit of rubber on those stops that wear out. Check and replace if needed
You could get the strings re-served. I?ve seen worse
Good coat of string wax and you should be good to go. Like Brad said, check the stops. Doesn?t look like any strands are broken.
It's not from the stops, it's on part of the string that just barely gets to the cam. If you look at the first pic, you can see what I mean.

I decided to take the safe route and just get new strings. Ordered them from 60x and they should be here by Monday. I think at this point I'll just replace the string and leave the cables until after the season as they are in good shape. Shouldn't be too big of a deal I wouldn't think, just more work. Oh well, something to kill the time until I'm in the woods!
You have plenty of time to settle in and sight in a new string. It doesn't look as thought anything is wrong with the old string that a new serving won't fix. Save the old ones as a backup.
WW said:
You have plenty of time to settle in and sight in a new string. It doesn't look as thought anything is wrong with the old string that a new serving won't fix. Save the old ones as a backup.

I'm definitely planning on keeping the old string as a backup. Question for you guys: do you keep your peep tied in on your backup strings and just buy a new one for your new string? Seems like that would make sense for a quick-fix if something were to happen to your string while hunting instead of having to worry about tying a new one in?
Yep! I always leave my old string set up and ready to go as is. You will have to put a peep and nock set on your new string anyhow. So it might as well be a new ones.
I leave my spare set up too. If I were to have a failure in the mountains all I have to do is hike to the truck and restring. I use a portable bow press for repairs and take a target to test it out.

I have fallen on some sharp rocks and cut one strand before. I kept hunting with it but if it was worse I could have fixed it.
Alright, this project has gotten me to the point where I'm ready to throw my bow out the window going 80mph down the highway.

I've got the new string and cables on the bow. I got the timing correct and I also made sure to check the yokes this time as well. My issues are actually stemming around tying stuff in. For some reason all of my stuff is sliding on the string. I tied a D-loop onto the string using the same method I've always done and the damn thing slides up and down. So I decided to tie on knock sets to keep the D-loop from sliding...and those things move as well, squeezing my knock when I draw the bow. It's so bad that if I don't have an arrow on the string and draw the bow back, in constricts tight enough that I can't get a knock in there WTF!?!?!?! In addition to that, I tied in my peep sight and although my peep isn't moving as of yet, the knots that I tied it in with are moving up and down freely.

I used John Dudley's methods when doing the knock sets and peep. Here are links to those videos:


Knock Sets:

Here's the video I used for the D-Loop, which I've used before and never had an issue:

For the D-Loop I'm using Gibbs Super Loop and for the Peep and Knock Sets I used Poly Grip BCY.

Any suggestions or advice?
this is the point I'd take it to a professional to worry about, then you can hold them accountable if it moves.

I did the same thing a couple years ago. Replaced d-loop the day before I was supposed to start hunting, wrapped new serving inside of the d-loop and had it move. One quick 45 minute drive to the archery shop and I was back in business. Not sure what they did differently but it worked.

Normally I like doing tech stuff on my own (if I can) but this close to a hunt I'd just take it in and pay the 20$
Yeah I know I could do that, but I like doing it on my own and learning. And maybe I'm a little stubborn too!  :lol:

That will be the last resort at this point. I'm hoping there's some solution out there that I'm missing...