Creative ways to access remote country

Big Tex

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Jan 8, 2013
Doing some access research into wilderness areas I came across some city hopper airlines in ID that will drop hunters into an array of remote wilderness airstrips.  Didn't even know these strips existed and it sparked my recollection of Newberg choppering into a land-locked elk hunting spot in MT last year.

Beyond a lot of boot leather and the odd pack team, my exploits have been fairly traditional.  What creative ways have you found to access remote elk country.......and did it work?


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Jan 4, 2013
just curios,I didnot  see this show but if in Mt if you are droped by any method of air craft you can not hunt till the next day,dont Know about other states but here you would have to make it a sleep over.Whats the position in other states ?


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Mar 23, 2013
I feel like the effort it takes to get there, whether by foot or saddle, is part of the reason it is so satisfying when you do. I think that the only reason to use the air-drop method is to overcome the portions of state and public land, land locked by the private.


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Dec 30, 2012
For the past ten years I used llamas to get into wilderness areas. It was a great way to go. Llamas are easy to take care of and need only to be watered every other day or two and never had to take feed with me. They eat what is there.

Having said that, the time and effort it does take to keep llamas ready to go each year along with hauling hay it depends on the time you have outside of hunting season. I have sold my llamas and will put it on my back or rent horses or mules on my future hunts.

I am not sure about being dropped by aircraft in wilderness areas. This sounds great. What areas do they do this? I know there are landing strips in the Bookcliffs area in Utah. Not sure who has access to those and how you would go about finding out.