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Dec 30, 2017
I want to move to a fixed blade broadhead for elk. I put the 125 gr Vipertrick on my Christmas list. I am shooting 27.5? draw, 60 lb draw weight. Gold Tip Hunter XT weighing an estimated 443 gr with the broadhead.  I like the cut on contact of the Vipertrick, I figure this would be the most efficient considering my setup is a little light. Knowing shot placement is ultimately the most important, I am curious to hear if the 1 1/16? cutting diameter is adequate for elk or should I consider something bigger? Is bigger better?

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I?m not one of those bigger is better types. It feels like just splitting hairs honestly as far as size goes because like you said already with the right shot placement it?ll be game over. 

I?ve killed all my elk with shuttle T locks.
100 grains are 1 1/8? cutting diameter and the 125 are 1 3/16?. 

Mertzga, FYI, the ViperTrick is not a COC head. It?s a good head and I?ve taken several animals with them. Moved on to the Iron Will V100 this year. Had a couple issues with them, but worked them out and all?s good. They will be on the end of my FMJ next elk season.
The ViperTrick has killed a pile of elk and will continue to do so.

If thats the broadhead you like, by all means use it, as confidence in your equipment is paramount.
I used the Slick Trick Standards this year and shot my elk resulting in a great blood trail. I did a lot of reading on Slick Trick broadheads before picking the standard size. The company actually recommends the smaller standard for elk saying they get better penetration. The larger blades will cut larger but the larger drag reduces penetration. Elk are big critters but as said the right placed shot with good penetration is what I want.

My buddy has taken three elk with the Slick Trick Razor Trick that they stopped making. They penetrate great and have also been deadly on elk. He's had two pass through and one 3/4 length of body that came out but did not pass through.

I also think the smaller blades will be better for flight but I can not argue it, just my opinion. It's standards for me from here on.
7/8" is the legal minimum width for hunting big game in Colorado. Every elk I have taken has been shot with that size / width of a broadhead from a 62# bow. And ever one was complete penetration. Shot location is key regardless of what width of head you use.

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