decoys with antelope


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Dec 29, 2012
I am going to try my hand at bowhunting antelope in early august in southern oregon.  The unit I will be in is an easy draw because there isn't a huge antelope population but there are definitely enough to hunt.  It is the second week of august.  Lots of juniper and pine trees with many meadows and rimrock flats.  I have a heads up decoy and was planning to spot and stalk because there is lots of available water out there.  Any advice?
Honest feedback from others is that the antelope decoy that is a hat actually works on goats.  Looks ridiculous, but hey, if it helps kill 'em....  I have heard similar positive feedback on the Heads Up for speedgoats as well.
You will not go wrong with your heads up decoy. I have tried it with another type of decoy and closed the distance from 200 yards to 30 before the wind turned the decoy I was using and the gig was up. I won a heads up antelope decoy from Rocky Mountain Athlete and plan to use it in Wyoming this year. Good luck on your hunt. If the decoy does not work find some water and you will kill a goat. I have killed three goats off the same water hole in Wyoming. Nothing major big but good 12-14 inchers each year.
Sitting water here in Nv can be really HOT!!!  I know a few that have done it but I think I like the thought of trying to use a decoy and move in on a buck.  If I draw a tag this year I'll be interested in hearing more about how to hunt with a decoy.
Dplumlee check out the video on you tube by typing in be the decoy. I personally will stick with the heads up decoy this year and try that but this video appears the hat decoys work.