Easton FMJ Injexion-What vanes are you using?


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Jun 11, 2018
Easton FMJ Injexion-What vanes are you using?  Any of the quick fletch products work on the 4mm?
I?m shooting the 5mm FMJ 340 with Blazers. They fly great with Stingers, ViperTricks and my new Iron Wills.
I don?t see why they won?t work with the 4mm.
just got 4 mm fmjs after shooting 5 mm for years. Always shot blazers and there working great so far. I should note that I?m using Easton?s 55gr half outsert so I can shoot standard threads. Blazers are real versatile I?ve found. Good luck
Built some 4mm injexions this year for elk. I'm running 2.1" Q2i Rapt-x vanes in 4 fletch configuration and four blade Tooth of the Arrow 100gr. tips with. 95 gr SS inserts. Total arrow weight is 491 gr.

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