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Mar 8, 2014
I posted this on the thread about elk seeing blue, which morphed into a discussion about human color-blindness. How many of you use hydrogen peroxide for blood trailing?

I always carry a small spray bottle of it in my pack, or at least in camp. Costs about $.89 at Wal Mart. It has helped us unravel a few \"iffy\" blood trails in a hurry. The blood foams up on contact, but anything suspicious that isn\'t blood, like dried mud, red residue on plants and dried grass, red spots on leaves, etc.. doesn\'t foam-up. It\'s especially helpful after dark, or for color-blind hunters. If trailing an elk through tall grass where you\'re dealing with blood wipes, you can literally fan the spray out and look for foam to get a travel direction.

I wrote an article a few years ago for Bowhunter reviewing the commercial blood trailing sprays, and during the research I accidentally cut myself on a broadhead (pretty much an annual event..). I noticed that the peroxide foamed up exactly like the commercial stuff, except at 1/10th the price, and quickly figured out the commercial sprays were just peroxide with a little dye added. ( I never received a thank you\" or a love note from any of the companies that provided their sprays to review.. :D )

Only once did we get thrown off, and that was when a hawk coincidentally killed a chippy or a squirrel along the blood trail and dripped blood in a different direction when he flew off.
I have known hydrogen peroxide works for several years, but have never carried any with me into the woods. I will add it to my supplies for this years hunt. I am disappointed that you did not get some strong support from the blood trailing, junk in a bottle guys. I am sure you will get much better treatment if you help hunters cut the cost of scent killer. The manufacturers of that stuff must be more open minded. BTW: I have the recipe here somewhere.
I carry a small spray bottle of it in my pack. Since I have no experience with blood tracking, I need as much help as possible for when the time comes. Fortunately, I have never had to use it on myself for a deep cut.

I bought a cheap little travel spray bottle at Walmart and filled it. Not sure if it would be enough for a long tracking job.
Swede, it was a feature \"cover story\" in the Big Game Special, and I was surprised Bowhunter printed it considering that a couple of the suppliers are advertisers. But print it they did.
You might also mention that it doesn\'t have to be fresh blood for it to foam up. I have used it on dried up blood many hours old.

Swede I have to tell you about the home made scent killer. I had a little black and white dog that tangled with a polecat. I mixed up an extra strong batch of scent eliminator and scrubbed the dog down real good. It worked! Got rid of all the skunk odor. But the next morning my dog was no longer black and white. He had turned brown and white and stayed that way until his hair growed out. True story!
WW: That is funny. I think I would prefer a brown and white dog to a stinking one any day, especially if it was an indoor dog.
Another true story: I got our youngest daughter a cat one year while she was in high school. I knew at the time it would be my wife\'s and my cat before too long, but our daughter wanted a cat. A couple years later our daughter graduated from high school and went off to college. From then on my wife took care of the cat.
The cat had a tendency to run outside whenever anyone opened the door and did not watch for it. When the cat was outside, it always liked to roll around in the dirt. As soon as I caught it, I brought it into my wife. She insisted I leave it in the garage until she bathed it. I never paid too much attention to the cat bath program, but noticed it never cared for the whole affair. After a few of those baths and listening to the cat squall, I commented about and asked what\'s in the bath water. My wife said \"just a little bleach\". I don\'t remember for sure, but I think that was the last time the cat ever left the house on it\'s own. Some years later I packed it out for some fresh air and set it down one day. The cat ran right for the door and was inside almost instantly. My wife not only had a clean cat, but unwittingly she had created a trained one too.
A couple of funny stories there Swede and WW... That poor cat.LOL

I have used the homemade scent killer for years. It seems to work as good as any I wasted my money on. :D
Best skunk remover I\'ve every used was recommended to me by my horse vet many years ago. Massengil douche concentrate. When I liveed on the farm my Chessie had a thing for skunks. Whenever I went to the store to get the douche, I got some interesting looks......

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