Elk in the rain


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Mar 23, 2018
Hunting eastern Oregon, and it has begun to rain with continued showers in the forecast until later this week. What do elk do in the rain?  had many bugles yesterday and last night but they seemed to have gone silent when this weather system moved in? Anyone know if this is typical elk behavior or are they on the move and have voided that specific canyon?
We are having a lot of rain here in South West Oregon and it has made them completely quiet. Haven?t seen any in my area moving. Curious to see what others say also.

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It's very typical (in my experience) for elk to go silent during rain. It's a combination of a couple things really. They don't like to be wet any more than we do and it's much harder for them to smell and hear with rain falling.

I usually find they are active almost immediately after the rain stops though as they have been bedded down and need food or water.

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I killed my bull in NM this year after almost 24 hours of stop and go rain. Once the rain stopped, the bugling increased. But they bugled some during the rain as well.

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