"Fixed" my old rangefinder, then gave it to my son

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Sep 14, 2016
As I was getting into hunting a few years ago I had to stay within my budget as I was outfitting myself and my son at the same time. Needless to say, it added up quickly! I was always on the lookout for used items that would work. One of those items was a rangefinder sent to me by member here on good faith that I could make payment later. I really needed a rangefinder and this one fit the budget...only problem, it was full of dust. Not a huge deal as it still worked fine but looking through it was honestly miserable! :lol:

This is what it looked like, (and I couldn\'t capture the perimeter dust with my phone): :crazy:

Well, I was in the market for a new rangefinder for myself and was going to give my son the old one but I was bothered by how much stuff was inside. Today after we went and picked up my new gadget I came home and decided that I would take apart the old unit and see what I could do. After about 40 minutes of carefully marking screws and taking pictures of the innards I found exactly where it was coming from. A good blow with compressed air, a wipe down with a lens cloth and alcohol and voil?, MUCH better!


The pictures aren\'t perfect at showing it before or after but they get the point across. My son is a happy camper!

I\'ve read that sometimes dust gets inside and it doesn\'t affect the ranges but there is nothing like clear glass to look through, I don\'t care if it\'s a scope, sunglasses, my windshield or in this case, a rangefinder!

\"elky McElkerson\" said:
did you have to break a seal or anything? those things filled with an inert gas?
If this thing had ever been sealed It was damaged long ago. I doubt this one was sealed though, maybe the $1k versions.

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