Food prep

Mountain house, jerky, trail mix from costco, cliff bars, tortillas with nutella, emergenC packets. assorted candies.  Bumble Bee tuna salad or chicken salad snack packs are good too.  Just a few things I like to eat on the mountain
I like to buy the tuna packets they are light and healthy.  Also always have some sort of granola bars.  I like the Odwalla the best.  You can prep all sorts of stuff and then dehydrate it.
It depends on your camping situation. My last trip was right next to a trailer, so I cooked single pot meals and froze the food in bailable bags. We dunked the frozen food in a turkey fryer full of water... Fresh(ish) chili, stew, etc.

This article spells out the calorie per ounce idea in detail. Go all the way to the bottom.

Also, Mountain Mush recipe is my favorite for breakfast.