Found a couple bucks scouting

Baby Huey

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Apr 17, 2014
Went up for my 3rd scouting trip for mule deer, and found two bucks, but could only get one on the camera. Hopefully I can find a few more areas - have two more weekends before our early rifle season starts.

Thought this old cabin was pretty cool:
Are you interested in taking a velvet buck or are you going to strip it?
Brad, I would like to take one in velvet. If it falls and damages the velvet, can it be repaired?
If youre hunting in a couple of weeks, the bucks will still be in velvet.
And use caution because the velvet makes them look bigger than they really are.

As far as damaging the velvet, it can be repaired but even keeping it on can be a challenge too.
Here is a helpful link - <!-- m --><a class=\"postlink\" href=\"\" onclick=\";return false;\"> ... tlers.html</a><!-- m -->

I know many guys strip the velvet and then have the antlers stained back to a natural color

Give Rocky Mountain Head Hunters a call, he deals with that stuff all the time

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