G5 Montec...Carbon Steel or Stainless Steel?


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Jan 17, 2013
I am looking at switching to the G5 Montec broadheads(100gr). I have always used the original Muzzy 3-blade 100 grain broadheads. I am at the point of either ordering more of them or switching. Seems like the G5 Montecs are pretty popular and I like the idea of being a one piece broadhead. With that, I am curious if there is a preference of Stainless Steel or Carbon Steel? Thanks in advance!


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Mar 18, 2014
Used Montecs for years with dead elk every time. No real blood trail every single time however. But...never lost an elk. I think it's bc Montecs are dull. CS's might be a little sharper but nothing compared to the sharpness of what u are shooting already, or Strikers, or Slick Trick, or really anything with a replaceable blade. Whichever way you go...there's gonna be a dead elk at the end of the trail. Good head choices, all...