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Jun 4, 2013
I'm curious what everyone else does when they encounter someone violating a road closure or trail closure. I don't hunt anywhere that you can have a motorized vehicle unless you happen to be working in the area but I encounter people on these roads that are either on 4 wheelers or side by sides frequently. I have gotten to be friends with the fish and game officer in the area and he want's me to contact him with info about gate violations which I do every time I can but I'm curious if anyone else does anything different.

My 66 year old parents were scouting an area today when a guy came by on a side by side that lives on land that borders the state ground he was riding on. If my 66 year old parents can hike in there I don't see what excuse this guy can have for needing to ride in there other than that he's lazy. There was a good amount of tire tracks from either this guy or others and 0 elk sign.

It does scratch a place off the list for me to go opening day next week.

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May 12, 2018
In my part of Texas pretty much all public land bans motorized vehicles so it?s all either water or walk in access. I?ve called the local sheriff office or game warden (depending on property) multiple times so I?d say report all illegal travel.

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Jul 10, 2017
I'd do my best to report them. Try to get pictures if at all possible just so you have proof. If you come upon the rig parked up there, be sure to get pictures of it and any license as well.


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Mar 3, 2014
Anyone can correct me if I'm wrong. BUT! The person that has the grazing lease can ride in to check and maintain  drift fences, supply sheep camps, or any other needed reasons in accordance with his lease with the forest service or BLM. This applies only to the person holding the lease

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