get ready for grouchy Elky. night shift.

elky McElkerson

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Mar 13, 2014
haha..i have to work a week of night shift.

i get downright \"hard to live with\". i have to call off some repairmen, since i will need to sleep during the day. i run a \"team\" one person is a lady with a special needs kid. the other guy got some doctor to say he has \"night blindness\". so i got stuck with it.

i have some crucial construction milestones coming up, and nobody seems to be able to pull out a tape measure, so my boss is making the lady take a week. next week. if not, stuff will get built wrong. not to brag, but i am super proactive in seeking out problems. it is an OCD thing..(like how i took out my bamboo..)

and i never tell a boss \"NO\". i just do it.

i am really wrecking a perfectly good hunting season. i need to cuss :)


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Apr 30, 2014
I\'m sorry to hear that Cliff! I am not a fan of nights at all. I\'ve worked it for a few years and my body just never got used to it.

On the bright side it\'s only a week!


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Mar 2, 2014
i hear ya man. nights suck. i stil get called in occ and it kills me. be careful and just get thru it.

Ol' Arky

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Apr 24, 2014
Always worked rotating shifts.... A month of each when I started and the got down to 5 days of each with weird days off between... NEVER got use to the rotation much less graveyard...

I ended up feeling better after being disabled and retiring... ;) ;)

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